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IESE Insight, nouvelle revue de Management.

Le Mardi 29 septembre 2009 | Billets | Commenter

Une information dans le journal Les Echos sur un lancement de revue de Business School. L’EISE, liée à l’Université de Navarre  en Espagne lance une revue, téléchargeable temporairement gratuitement, en, anglais, en espagnol ! Cette revue sera un nouvel outil de veille sur les recherches en management  dans les grandes universités. A suivre, nous reviendrons sur les premiers contenus. Voir le site.
UN éditorial.

« How do you read this magazine?” a colleague asked me. At
first, I was tempted to explain that you merely register
for free, open the Zinio reader, and flip through the entire
publication on line as you would any other magazine. But
what he was really asking was: What will I find in IESE Insight? What’s
in it for me?
Well, that depends on the reader, of course. We have tried to put together
rich and varied content, matching the richness and diversity of
our readers, who work in numerous business sectors, not just in Spain
but in 100 different countries. As with any new venture, it’s best to dive
in and swim about until you find your own stroke.
Start with the bite-sized wisdom of My Insight. Then proceed to
Deep Insight, a collection of articles on one central theme, in this case,
partnership. Peruse the short Executive Summaries and authors’ bios
to find those that grab you. The same goes for the two articles headed
Expert Insight, which aren’t related to
partnership but are equally heavyweight
and stimulating.
Personal Insight, an interview with
a captain of industry, gives pause for
thought. Everyone can relate to the
real-life case studies presented in Business
Insight, and none more so than the
case presented in this edition – El Bulli,
the world-famous restaurant. Wider Insight requires a bit of lateral
thinking, such as, what lessons from the courtroom can be applied to
the boardroom? The personalities featured in this section will broaden
your understanding even as they entertain.
You won’t find easy recipes, because we do not believe in them. But
you will find many ideas, all useful for the practicing manager. Keep
your comments coming »

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